Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Munksfest '08

Friday night - wicked photo!
Fantastic night too - impromptu guitar playing, singing, comedy duo and a lovely warm fire... oh and Sangria! :oD

Saturday evening gets underway with a BBQ
Your friendly servers this evening are Frannery, Robbery, Beckery and Manda.
Here i am serving a vegematarian with his cardboard burger ;o)
It was SO SO SO HOT!!! behind the BBQs - lots of beer was consumed ery quickly in a feeble attmept to cool down - next time we'll try water heheheheeeeee

Saturday night's alright for ROCKIN'!!
The band were AWESOME and they played for ages too with just one break

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Lise said...

Love the pic at the top with the silhouette, fantastic :-)