Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Munksfest '08

In an effort to document my many blurry weekends of fun i present to you:
Munksfest 2008!
In honour of our friend John who was celebrating his 30th birthday with camping and partying at his parents place in Lincolnshire.

We start with a shot of our camp from halfway through the meadow. Luke thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to roam off the lead and his recall was outstanding compared to his usual glance and wander off in the opposite direction - he actually came to me when i called him!! YAY! :oD

As you can see, portaloos were provided for our lavatorial pleasure (as well as everyone that just came for the party of course!) and very welcome they were indeed! It really does make all the difference having clean looked-after toilets when you're camping. There were 13 of us brave souls there until Monday with about 20-odd other campers who arrived either Friday or Saturday and left on Sunday.

Here we have a shot of the beer mountain that took about an hour to build with many different designs being tried and tested beforehand! I've never seen people arguing over what shape makes the best beer mountain before and i hope to never again ::lol::
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