Sunday, March 22, 2009

The conversion so far...

I've been meaning to post for ages but i'd rather blog about knitting ;o)
We decided to get a new van for camping last year cos our lovely bay is getting a bit knackered, lots of rust and related goings on and it needs a lot of fixing up. We'd planned on doing that this year and using the (new T4) as our camper during the year so we don't have to lower ourselves to tenting!! hehe
So, this is our T4 conversion so far. We're trying to do as much of it ourselves as we can, and so far we've managed, i'm a bit hesitant about the upholstery but i'm sure we can work it out between us - both our Mums know how to put a zip in and we can both work a sewing machine ;o)

So, here's our progress so far, the van used to be a mini-bus with two lots of seats but as they are surplus to requirement we started our project by gutting the interior...

27th Feb

All seats and carpet taken out, ready for the floor to be laid

28th Feb

New floor!

7th March:
Took a trip to Rainbow Conversions in Cambridgeshire to pick up the laminated ply for the units so no work done that weekend!
14th March:

The bench seats are taking shape, there is more thinking and planning going on than building at the moment, but it's getting there!
21st March:

Some more work is done to the bench seats, backrest supports have gone in along with the backrests on one side

22nd March:

Backrests on both sides now completed, along with the "lids" of the seats on both sides.
The two "open" boxes at the end will have non-removable lids as they are both drawer units.
The backrests are removable and fill the gap inbetween the bench seats to make a full-width bed.
We are very happy with our progress so far, it's really coming together well!

Tomorrow i am off to Kingston Market to try and find the right upholstery fabric!!
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