Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Monday morning

I don't even have to go to work and i find Monday mornings most depressing!
We've had a nice lazy weekend, catching up on telly stuff and i got some sock-bags cut out and they are all ready for sewing up. I also made a tonne of stitch markers that are for upcoming swaps and little Christmas gifts for my knitting-group friends. Other than that we did bugger all!
I had a lovely phone call from my bestest friend which was lovely and very rare as she is always so busy that we usually get ten minutes then she has to dash off for the kids again. The eldest was off at cub camp for the whole weekend and they were making the most of the peace and quiet!
Yesterday morning i woke up with a sore throat which gradually spread to my nose over the course of the day and this morning i have woken up with a sore throat, sore ears, a bunged up nose and a splitting headache :o( I am of course blaming Janet who hosted the aromatherapy party on Friday. She said she was burning something to neutralise the air and kill off her germs but obviously it didn't work cos i feel rotten and she's the only person i have had contact with in the last few days who's had a blumming cold! I'll pick up some stuff from the health shop when i go to the chiropractor this afternoon, i want some echinachia anyway for the ratties and Bloke and i could do with taking some over the winter too. In the meantime i am sitting here sniffing cos i have a dribbly nose and i can't blow it out *lol*

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