Monday, November 13, 2006

More illness

Feeling slightly sorry for myself this evening. The cold is coming out more, i cant stop sneezing and my hands ache. That could be something to do with the chiropractor pulling them about this afternoon though. The session went well, if pain and torture are your thing :o(
She worked on my neck and shoulders which hurt, she worked on my jaw, which hurt even more and then she worked on my trigger points in my bum which hurt for ages cos she couldn't work the tension out :o(
Luckily i had a lovely couple of hours in the LYS with Lisa to make up for it, see the knitting blog for more details ;o)
Speaking of the knitting blog, i'm wondering if it's such a good idea to have two separate blogs, after all knitting and crochet play quite a big part in my life, i wonder if i should have kept them all together. Ah, well, too late now. Hopefully beta.blogger will get their finger out and give me a blue migrate button and i can have them all in one place :o)
Herbert's taking his echinachea well, i've put it in their water so all three boys are getting it. He's also got a tissue next to the cage with some vicks on it to try and ease his congestion which does seem to be working a little. I've finally managed to get all three boys in together! YIPPEE!! It's been blummin hard but hopefully we're done with the fighting now.

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