Sunday, October 15, 2006

A new addition to the family!

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It's so exciting! I'd like to introduce Squiggle!
Is he not one of the cutest little ratties you ever did see? You can't actually see it in this photo but his whiskers are all cute n curly, i think that means he's a rex although his coat isn't very curly it's verrrrry soft.
I am a bad person though because i got him at Pets at Home and i don't actually think that rat farms are a good idea and by buying him i am just increasing their trade and encouraging them to continue. Don't worry, you can't punish me any more than i am punishing myself. He is cute though ;o)

So, introductions went well, so much better than i could have hoped atually. We took them upstairs and let them meet on the bed as it's a neutral place. This probably helped a great deal as Freddie and Herbert were so busy investigating the bed they didn't really pay much attention to him. It must have been exhausting work though because Freddie came and snuggled into the rat-cardi and laid there letting me stroke him, no bruxxing or boggling though :o( i think i have to resign myself to the fact that they just aren't happy boys and only tolerate me cos i feed them!
I'm not sure i did the right thing in only getting one baby, i am worried he is going to be lonely with the big boys and not have anyone to play with. He's not eaten much, and seems rather keen on the nuggets, but hopefully he'll come round and discover the joys of cornflakes and banana chips :o)

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Stephanie said...

oooh :) Squiggle is such a great name for a rat :) Thanks so much for the complements on my socks - I adore them because they are so "different" - though my husband thinks I'm nuts LOL