Friday, October 13, 2006

how very fetching

you see what i did there?
This is the progress so far on the left hand, it's a nice easy pattern and not too taxing, i just have to remember to count rows properly so both hands match!

fetching cuff and yarn

The colours look a bit dull in this picture, they're more realistic in this one:
fetching cuff
Sometimes i forget i have freckles and then i see photos *lol*
I've used a 3mm needle and an extra 5 stitches to get the size right but other than that i am being good and following the pattern. Having tried this on i'd have to say they'd probably be better in a softer yarn but the wool cotton is reserved for knucks and i think alpaca would be too itchy on hands, as well as too "sheddy" (what's the word? the one that means something that sheds it hairs??) It'll come to me! I like the colour combination, i think it works really well with the cable, i may attempt a matching hat if i can find a good pattern to adapt.

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