Monday, October 16, 2006

Socks and drugs and sausage rolls

I've signed up for the Hot Socks swap over at the Townies and already decided which yarn and pattern i will be sending, i can't wait to find out who my partner is, and whether we are swapping in pairs or giving to one person and receiving from another, it's quite exciting in a sock yarn kind of a way!
I'm having terrible sock knitting problems at the moment. This leaf and tendril sock is the second time i have cast on with the St.Ives and i still don't like it so it's going back in the stash box! I love the colours of the yarn but i am not enjoying knitting it up one little bit, it feels kind of stiff and hard, and i just don't want to play with it any more. I wonder how many other people have yarn they just don't like, perhaps there's an "unwanted sock yarn swap" to be had somewhere?? I'm going to put it away and grab the Opal Zebra so i can make me some groovy Jaywalkers, if the Bloke is a good boy i might even cast on a pair for him, although the thought of all that stocking stitch is making me feel kinda queasy! I'll have to measure his feet too, oh how i look forward to that! NOT!
Mens feet are just the vilest things aren't they, other than old people feet of course but luckily i don't have to deal with any of them. It's the shape i think, they look all weirdly proportioned and so boney! I've started thinking about it now and i feel quite sick! Not as sick as yesterday though :o( I did a little experiment on Saturday and had a mug of "proper" coffee with caffiene in and i've discovered i am still intolerant and it still gives me migraine :o( I spent all of yesterday feeling nauseous and some of the morning puking and all of the weekend with a banging headache. It's eased off a bit today, i gave myself a head massage with aromatherapy oils and had a good long soak in the bath with a book. I've also changed the way i take my medications and staggered them so i'm not taking both anti-b's at the same time, to see if that helps and i'll lay off the indometicin until the anti-b's are finished as they could be contributing to headaches/nausea/general blahness.

In rattie news... there have been several small spats, Freddie is making sure Herbert and Squiggle know he is the boss and they certainly seem to be taking notice! I've caught Herb protecting Squiggle on a couple of occasions and he spends most of their free-range time running round with one hand clasping Squiggles scrotum and his nose planted firmly up his bum! Poor wee lad, it's like having a weird "Uncle" who makes you sit on his knee so he can touch your thigh... So, not only is my dog gay, but my rat is a perv! I think i'll stop getting pets now, i'll probably end up with a Madam at this rate *lol*

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