Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Knit-alonga Mitt!

I've found another KAL to join up to, in my extensive search for the perfect pair of handwarming thingies i stumbled across a KAL which suits me totally - the rules are:
(Taken from this post)

Here's the rules in case you are thinking of joining. I'm a stickler for rules ;)
1. Knit mittens
2. knit them now
3. or later
4. just knit them
5. You must finish them
6. Or not. Your call
7. Share your progress with me
8. I know that Tuesday is Knitalong day in some worlds, but here it will be MItten Monday. Sunday would be a good day to email me with updates.
9. Be happy and have warm hands!

Kewl huh!?

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