Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brighton's Breeeeeeezy!

So, we're back from Brighton and our small part in "Brighton Breeze" and i have to say the overall results are a little disappointing.
Firstly, we pre-paid (£32) to join the cruise and park up on Madiera Drive and when we got there we were actually parked past Madiera Drive where the lorries park up!
Yes, it's great that the event is SO popular, but surely if the organisers know that 450 people have pre-paid they would ensure that those people who are "cruising" down from Hook would have space to park and not to have to shove them down the end? There were a LOT of people who by-passed the cruise from Hook and went straight to Brighton and also a lot of people who paid on the day and they all got put on the main strip ahead of people arriving from the cruise. Whining, yes, i know i am but i feel justified.
Secondly, the cruise itself... i don't know exactly how many people left from Hook but i would guess it was more than 100 so you'd think that 100 VW's cruising down the M23 would make an impressive sight? Think again! There were no more than six or seven VW's in a cruise at any one time probably due to the fact that those who have taken part before knew they wouldn't get parked on Madiera Drive if they dawdled... a shame really as now we know what to expect we shan't be cruising down from Hook next year, we'll go straight there and maybe meet up with friends on the way and have our own cruise
So, the cruise itself was disappointing but the day was great. Caught up with some of the lovely people we have met this year, the weather stayed dry if a little windy - OK, so it was a lot windy but it's the seaside, it's always windy! Lukey had a whale of a time seeing all his friends, everyone loves Lukey and luckily as long as the person loving him isn't a dog he loves them back! We ummmed and ahhhed about camping, my head was banging and the weather was taking a turn for the worse and Bloke was feeling disappointed about the parking thing and we just felt generally blah about the whole thing really. More or less everyone had driven off by about six so we drove down the front to where some friends were parked and chatted to them for a while and they talked us into camping, which as it turned out was fun and we ended up camped in the traders and marshalls bit, lots of lovely tarmac, no getting stuck in any mud for us!

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