Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Biggy mitts!

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaawd, this stuff is THICK!
I picked up one ball of Rowan Biggy Print when i went to the wool shop in Sarfend last week with Mum - it's OK it was on special! Only £2.50 a ball!! Unfortunately they only had one ball in the pinky blue colourway and as a ball only has 33 yards i was kinda struggling as to what to do with it. Then as i was crocheting the dog's amish blankie last night i realised my hands were cold! This is a rare occurance for me as i am generally a warm person, always the last to put my coat on when we're camping but obviously autumn is creeping up on us and it's now October, i have to be prepared to get cold *sigh*
So, anyway... i hunted high and low online for a possible mitts pattern, in the end i drew inspiration from this pattern but i've kind of altered it for my own purposes
I used a 12mm circular and a magic loop to make them in the round and did them a little too short in the wrist, then with the yard that was left over i split it into two strands and picked up 24 stitches round the cuff and ribbed 3 rows with a 5mm needle. It's a bit touch and go as to whether the yarn will hold out as i stretched it a bit thin towards the end to make it fit! Hopefully it'll be alright, if not i'll look into felting it slightly in the thinner patches :oD
Without further ado here's mitteny-thing number one
*pic to come soon! can't find the lead!*

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