Tuesday, September 12, 2006

knitting knews

on the needles:
maple leaf socks in st.ives "grouse" i think it was, a kind of mulberry-ish colour - but not for long, i am not liking the pattern and the yarn needs a cable ;)
backyard leaves scarf in purple artesano alpaca - one of my christmas gift projects
a gnome from last years christmas special in "simply knitting" - only the legs and arms to go then i can stuff 'im and sew 'im up!
Tonight i am going to finish my sockie's first sock as that's been neglected.
I am going to have a break from the "panta" knitting for a week or so, i need to concentrate on other things. There are no more shows now til the end of this month and i have two to finish for then which leaves two to finish in time for February's trip to DubFreeze.
On the hook:
A lilac mile-a-minute afghan, probably a Christmas gift for Neicey if i get time to work on it and finish it.
I've also got a hundred and one other things started that need to be finished but i keep starting new things...
P'raps i'll make a new years resolution and get some stuff finished eh? But then again, p'raps not :D

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