Monday, August 14, 2006


still here, just forgetful as usual!
Been busy knitting several panta, halfway through the sleeves of freckle and finding cool patterns for gift scarves. Bought a knitting machine for a fiver at the local bootsale but as it is only a single bed it can't do rib which is what i reeeeeeeeeally want it to do so it looks like i will be bootsaling it or ebaying it whichever happens soonest :(
In garden news... it's wet wet wet! Plenty of flowers on the runner beans but no beans as yet but the french beans have cropped ok. The yellow french are better croppers however than the purple teepee unless of course they are a later cropper in which case time will tell! My swede have mildew which comes from sowing too early so i will remember that for next year and the cabbage patch has plenty of caterpillars *EEK* i really must steel myself and get to picking them off but i hate the thought of killing the poor things :(
I've dug up four of the first early potatoes and got six meals from the crop and there's another three plants left so that should keep us going until the second earlies are ready. My tomatoes are a little on the late side but plenty of fruit, hopefully they will ripen up in the greehouse with a little bit of sun and the pepper plant has now gone int he greenhouse as well in an attempt to warm it up and get it flowering/fruiting. The runaway success in the veg patch so far this season though are the courgettes. I am picking two fruit every other day and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight yet, unfortunately i can't keep up with eating them so quite a few are being donated to new homes!
In VW news... had a cracking weekend at BugJam despite the huge storm on Saturday afternoon and the subsequent non-working of my mobile. I've since bought a replacement battery and it last longer than 2 days so that's a great improvement! The camper is surviving well despite being treated with a little less respect than she deserves and we had a nice sedate weekend camping in Rye to celebrate Bloke's and Alex's birthdays, which was nice :)
We've decided not to go to Blandford this year and while i am very upset at not going we will be going to VW Action instead and everyone says that it's the best show of the year so hopefully that will make up for it.
Hope anyone who may be reading this is keeping well, please do leave a comment and say "hi" :)
Franney x

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