Wednesday, August 16, 2006

who knew

booking a makeover could be so stressful!
Last year i bought a "deluxe makeover" for my Mum and friend for their birthdays and as far as i was concerned that was it, all paid for. Well, apparantly not, they are now telling us that we have to pay a £25 deposit per person, that's an extra £100! Although it's refundable and theoretically i have no problem paying it (on Bloke's card of course ;)) the fact that it doesn't say this on any of the paperwork or the LastMinute website has really got up my nose! I've spoken to "Lucy" who despite suffering quite badly with either hayfever or blocked sinuses managed to tell me that they cannot make a booking without the booking fee and that it does say on their website that it has to be paid, to which i explained that i booked it through LastMinute and it says nothing about it, nor does it say it on the vouchers they sent. Her reply? "Well, it says it on our website" grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
I explained to her that as it was booked through LastMinute there had been no need to visit their website and i thought it was pretty poor that it doesn't say it on any of the other literature, she again told me that no booking can be made without the deposit and it is fully refundable on the day as long as we turn up and if i wasn't happy and wished to complain i should ring customer services. Which is exactly what i have done. All i am worried about now is that when we do eventually book it we will all be given really bad mullet cuts and clown make-up :(
Perhaps having principles isn't such a good thing after all? (If indeed it is principles and not just plain contrariness!!)

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