Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vet adventures

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So, the ratties have been poorly again. Herbert's nose has scabbed... again! and they are both sound a bit wheezy and snuffly although Freddie's not so bad as Herbert.
I took the advice of members on the Fancy-Rats forum and booked them in with Sandra at The Village Hospital in Caterham which is a bit of a drive but worth it in my opinion to have a vet who is good with rats. As i would be passing LittleNiece's school i offered to take her in the morning with me, much to the dismay of LittleNephew who wanted to see the rats, wasn't bothered about seeing me, just the rats! Charming! School run complete i head off to the vet, i know which road it's in but that's about all, so after driving round for 5 minutes i found the surgery and what a lovely light, airy place it is too. As for Sandra, she is indeed a very nice lady and a comptetant vet too (in my 'umble opinion). She says they aren't too bad, but she's given them a course of Baytril for 7 days to see if that helps with Herb's nose and snuffles. She has also recommened castration for Freddie as he can be a bit aggresive on occasion, so it is something i will think about, it's a big enough operation on a dog but on a titchy rat it's pretty major i think so i will only do it if i feel it's absolutely necessary.

On my drive home i happened (conveniently *GG*) to pass a nearby yarn shop and thought i'd pop in for a nosey since the last time i was there it was a cross-stitch shop! It's now predominantly quilting with a corner of the shop given over to yarn and about a quarter shop of cross-stitch. BUT! What yarns! Opal... Colinette... Debbie Bliss... NORO! Plenty more but i had yarn overload and can't remember any more! Yarns i have only drooled at online i can now see and smell and stroooooooke! I can see why people rave about them, Noro and Colinette especially are something special. I've a feeling that quite a few people will be getting knitted scarves for Christmas. That way i get to buy, knit and caress without the guilt!
I am meant to be on a yarn diet, i have such a lot here to get through already but i needed a babies jumper pattern so i bought a rather nice Patons book, then i realised that i don't have any suitable yarn here so i had to buy some Peter Pan in a lovely denim blue shade. I'm doing "Freckles" in the smallest size and finished the back this morning. I shan't use this yarn with metal needles again, it's too slippery but it's also quite splitty so i'm having to be extra careful with it. I'm hoping my bamboo needles come soon as i want to try them out, i may e-mail the seller and enquire as to their whereabouts as it's been a while since they mailed and said my payment had cleared.

Anyway, here's my little jumper, it's the first i've knitted so it's quite exciting!

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