Friday, June 02, 2006

WIP and ONT (do i sound like i know what i am talking about?)

Just as a little reminder to myself
Hedera socks - hit a wall!
Sripey scarf - fun fun fun!
Pink bag - small needles, boring ss, must persevere!
Something blue - hmmmmmm!
Emily lapghan - easy pattern, chunky yarn, a pleasure to work on
peach shawl - probably being frogged and made into something else
brown poncho - itchy itchy wool - need to frog and rethink as it's too stiff as well as itchy!
pink and white cotton shawl - no idea why this isn't further along than it is, i shall dig it out and take another look at it
Better get my finger out!
I shall have a no-new-projects policy for the rest of the summer and try and get some of these things finished.

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