Saturday, June 03, 2006

hedera headache!

Perhaps i should have chosen a plain sock pattern as my first forrays into sock knitting...
I asked the advice of the lovely ladies in the Townies group, they really are a friendly bunch! The general consensus is that the heel flap be 46 or 48 rows long, so i'd ripped it back to the end of the pattern repeats and have reknit the heel flap, up to row 36 cos that's when i thought it looked about "right". So... onto the gusset shaping bit and the more i look at it the more i think it's wrong! I'm using a Regia sock yarn in self-striping flourescent colours and i really should have finished the main leg at the end of a colour because it just doesn't look right
I have a sinking feeling. I need to stop being so anal and just marvel at the beauty of the sock and pay no attention to the fact that i have two rows of yellow stuck in between the blocks of pink and green
I will NOT rip it back again!
In other news...
Today was "Ground Force Day" for Bloke and his brothers. They have remodelled their Dad's vegetable patch and put edging round it and a gravel path through the middle and it looks lovely. They did so well, there was no bloodshed and the air was only mildly blue! I do hope he likes it, he's away for a week so i may go and plant his beans up for him at some point as they are more than ready to go in and i'd hate for them to waste away. i got none of my own gardening done today as i was helping out round there but hopefully it'll be nice next week and i can get the cabbages and brussels planted up

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