Friday, June 02, 2006

knitting? what knitting?

Today i have mostly been... SHOPPING! YAY!
I love shopping, especially window shopping. I could easily have bought several things but as i didn't go out with the intention of buying them i refrained. Which is all well and good but then i went to.. IKEA! I love Ikea. I love the niknaks especially. I came home with a plastic mat to put the dog's dishes on, a mini hanging tubey thing for the shed or greenhouse, a couple of small hand-towels for the greenhouse and and and the piece de resistance... a bowl with a sliding lid that becomes an attached plate! How cool is that? Oh, it's just me? Thought so! *lol*
I got a couple for the camper despite them being "the wrong colour" tsk <s>men</s>
I'm still having a sinking feeling about my Hedera, but (and this is where i pat myself on the back) at least i put in lifelines so picking up the frogged stitches will be a little bit easier. I can't remember where i read about them, i think it was someone's blog and whoever it was i shall remain eternally grateful!
Hopefully i will get some knitting time this weekend, although i will be washing the camper tomorrow in preparation for the VW show at Stonor Park on Sunday so it'll only be scarfing as that's easy and mindless and needs to be finished for August!

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