Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still here!

Just forgetting to blog again!
Right, what's been happening? Well, last week i dashed off to help the neice out with her move into her new flat only to be told she was going out with her friend. Nice. So i did the same and went to the pub with friends, oh, and my Dad came too! It was a great evening, lots of fun was had by all and i do believe i may have been a little bit tipsy *VBG*
Saturday came and Neice and i had another row via phone calls and text messages - the upshot being that nobody ever helps her and she is alone. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it's because when people do help her and make 100 mile round trips to visit her she is unappreciative and then says things like that. I have said "no more" i will not go running down there next time she says she needs me to. If she thinks she is alone, i think it is time to let her see what that actually means. As the old cliche goes - time to stand on your own two feet girl!
So, Saturday afternoon, back home with Bloke for a BBQ in aid of his Sis-in-Law's birthday round their house. It was lovely, the kids were all well behaved, the food was very tasty and the company was very pleasant indeed. The only thing that spoiled it was football on the t.v. in the garden *lol*
Sunday... oh yes! Sunday we went to the Hop Farm at Paddock Wood. It used to be the Whitbread hop farm, i went there when i was 11! I didn't recognise any of it though *lol*
We were there for a VW show, only three of met up for the cruise, the rest of the club made their excuses. We were cruise leaders, mainly because we had the satnav and although the van seems to have a huge dislike for hills or anything remotely sloping in an upwards direction we made it there in good time. The show itself was quite big, lots of "autojumble" and a very nice lady selling her homemade beaded jewellery. I bought myself a spirally bangle with a dangly pendant thing to match it and a black beaded kilt pin to fasten up my cardis and wraps and schtuff like that. I'm going to e-mail her and find out what other shows she will be at as i would like to get "someone" a gift

Then we are on to Monday and that lovely rain, my garden really needed it so i am always grateful for rain in the summer. Mind you, it was sunny for a week, surely that's our summer over?

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