Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yes, yes, i know!

I'm a pretty crap blogger ain't i! And i don't mean pretty as in good-looking either *lol*
So, what's been occuring in my world?
Last Friday i had a hospital appointment with a very nice man who has told me that although i may have a headache and have had it for two years and four months (but who's counting?) there's no physical cause for it and i am suffering from a condition called "chronic pain syndrome"
This means that the thing that originally caused the headache has since departed but my nerves aren't receiving the right signals to tell them to stop hurting now. Or something like that.
I also have a TMJ which is apparantly very common and not a contributing factor. Oh, and the enamel has worn away from the backs of my top teeth so i've taken my tongue stud out which feels very strange after ten years let me tell you!
The weekend was spent in a bit of a haze really, partly due to the heat and partly due to the medication he's put me on. I'm on a very mild dose of amitriptyline but it makes me very sleepy and i feel like i am watching the world from the end of a long fuzzy tunnel. It's easing off a bit now though so i guess my body is getting used to the drugs, although i get up at around 8am i am not fully aware of my surroundings until late morning and it also means i won't be able to drive for a while! This is not good, not good at all!
I've been buying yarn on eBay again! This time i got some lovely Jaeger 100% cotton and the lovely seller put in an extra ball for me when she sent it, and she even sent it before my e-cheque had cleared! I was planning on making some washcloths from the cotton but it's so nice it doesn't seem right to use it on something so lowly! Speaking of washcloths... i bought a couple of books on Amazon: Mason-Dixon knitting and Big Girl Knits both of which are just fab but i especially like the Big Girl knits book, purely because i am one and so is my Mum and it has an amazing amount of technical details in it regarding pattern adjusting and shaping and how to make things to flatter our big bits
So, i have a yarn dilemma now, do i buy more yummy cotton yarns and make something stripey or do i sacrifice it to the washcloth goddess? I have 7 50g balls, all in different colours in my stash so far (my stash is now getting so big that half of it has been consigned to the loft!) perhaps i could do a swap for something? What's worth a ball of DK cotton? A needle case? A sock bag? hmmmmmm... what would convince you to part with 50g of yummy cotton? Answers on a postcard perlease, or failing that, leave me a comment
Tomorrow i shall be posting plenty of piccies of the garden. I took some when i had just planted out all the veggies, and i'm going to take some more this evening of the progress so far. It's all looking rather gorgeous, apart from the brassica bed which just looks bare and forlorn, but they are slow developers so i shan't worry too much about the lack of growth.
So, that's about all the news from the last week... OH! I was a little late casting on for the KAL what with being mostly asleep on Saturday but i finally cast on last night and have about 5 rows of the ribbing done. I'm doing the 64 stitch version on authentic US size 1 dpns - i bought a set of the Susan Bates from a very lovely lady who belongs to the Townies KAL group and also happens to have an eBay shop and i am using some St.Ives 4ply in "Grouse" which i also purchased on eBay from another very nice lady with a shop!
OK, so that is definitely all the news from this past week, i'll be back tomorrow with garden pics and possibly some sock-in-progress pics too.
Take care all *hugs*

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