Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've only gone and finished my Hederas!! I am soooo pleased with myself. Seriously! I rarely finish anything. In fact that jumper is still waiting to be sewn together *is ashamed*

So without further ado....
There they are in all their mismatched glory! By the way, they are meant to be different
I wanted to try and eliminate that two row stripe of yellow from the right foot, and also, my left foot is about half an inch longer hence the different toes
I don't care, i love 'em
Please say "Ello" to Eric, he's our doorman and if you ain't on the list, you ain't comin' in!

I am still on the hunt for some yummy yarn for my MapleLeaf socks, i may try and dye some myself as i cannot find any that i really,
really like. It's all "that would look nice" or "that would do" not "OOOOOOOOOOH, I NEED THAT!!" which is the reaction i am wanting
So, with only 9 days to go, i shall have one last look around and then tomorrow i may be up to my elbows in kool-aid and knotted skeins of ready-to-dye Opal

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