Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm being lazy

and sending this installment in via e-mail :oD
Gardening news...
The rain held off long enough for me to get the potatoes in! Finally! It's been so wet here lately (and when it hasn't been wet i've been away) that they've sat chitting and the veggie patch has grown weedy. Well today i buried and weeded and my back is telling me i may have overdone it a smidge. I'll stretch it out and have a walk round the shops tomorrow, that'll make it feel betterer ;o)
I've put the beans and peas in the cold frame to harden off ready for planting early next week, along with the courgettes which i am looking forward to growing for the first time. I know exactly where they are going, it's all been planned out on squared paper like the good Virgo that i am :oD
Knitting news...
The turning of the heel continues! I may have made an error on the heel flap though :o(
In the decreases for the instep bit i have to work 16 repeats of two rows, which will leave me with 16 stitches on needle one and 17 stitches on needle 3... so, i worked 16 rows and realised in need to work another 16 to make it 32 in total. Ok, not a problem. But when i knitted the heel flap the instructions say
"Next Row [WS]: Sl 1, [p1, sl 1] to end.
Next Row [RS]: K all sts.
Repeat these 2 rows 23 times more"
So... that should be 46 rows in total according to the instep decrease bit and i only did 23 rows :o(
I'm not going to rip it back though, if i do i wknow i will lose heart ad give up on my sock knitting adventure and it's SO much fun!
I'll ask the good ladies at TSKAL and hopefully someone there will have done Hedera too so will be able to tell me if what i've done is wrong *crosses fingers*
Other than that i am loving the sock knitting, but i think i will do some scarfing this weekend to give my hands a break from these small needles!

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