Tuesday, June 06, 2006

bean there, done that!

Yes, i have finally go the beans and peas planted out! Also the onions, swede and courgette :o)
I am tempted to go and sit out there tonight and pick the slugs and snails off before they get a chance to demolish the lot but that would just be silly... wouldn't it?? *GG*
Tomorrow i will be planting out the cabbage, brussels annnnnnd something else but i have completely forgotten what it is!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the gastropods are kind to me this year, after all i don't kill them if i can help it, i deserve some kind of truce surely? *lol*
I'm still a bit depressed at the total failure in the greenhouse. I don't know what the problem is but the fact that not even the tagetes germinated has me stumped! I wonder if the seed has gone bad or if there'ssomething wrong with the greenhouse? Perhaps it's too hot? So depressing, and it means that i won't have that many flowers this year, just a few poached eggs and only four varieties of sweet peas which is so sad as i was really looking forward to all the new ones i bought last year :o(
Still, it's better than nothing!
I checked the water butt today and it's nice and full, hopefully it will keep me going through the summer, i must make sure that the guttering is working ok and also get the greenhouse butt hooked up. I saw my neighbour today using a hosepipe and really had to bite my tongue and stop myself having a word! It really does annoy me though. There's a drought order in this county which means no hosepipes!! I wouldn't mind quite so much if he was watering a vegetable patch, or something precious, but he was watering his LAWN FFS! GRRRRRRRRR!

Knitting news... I'm done with the heel and the gusset and am now working on the main foot of my Hedera!! I am soooo excited and i've made sure that i've written down any changes i have made so that i get the second sock the same! I WILL make the second sock!

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