Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh ummmmmm

It would appear that i am completely crap at blogging!!
Make that life, i am completely crap at life!
The kitchen is still in the garden, the green shrug never got finished cos i can't work out how to do short rows on the other side and the bootees never got finished either. However, the greenhouse is done and full of pots of compost which will hopefully soon turn into plants and the veggie patch is all ready to be filled with erm... veggies :oD
I haven't been completely useless though. I've finished a mile-a-minute afghan for my bestest friend and am halfway through the last strip on another for my Mummy. I've got a pink and purple fluffy scarf on the needles for neice's birthday in August annnnnnnd i am just finishing a peaked cap. I've also finished a lapghan for friend's daughter and several beanie/cloche style hats.
I have also been busy with the sewing machine and been making hammocks for my two new ratties :oD
As usual, no pictures but i will try and remember to take some photos and get them uploaded at some point. I'm going to try and turn over a new leaf! hahaha

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