Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clutching at straws

Well, not really but i couldn't think of anything else to do with clutches!
After a very pleasant weekend spent gazing at planes and knitting with my Mum i was horrified to get in the car to come home only to find that the clutch had finally given up the ghost! This is not a good thing. This is especially not a good thing if you happen to own a Fiat. This is even more not a good thing if it's a Bank Holiday and there are no garages open. Which we do and it was. So i spoke to a woman at the RAC and she confirmed my suspicions, i had to ring round local places Tuesday morning and find somewhere that could fit me in so i could come home ASAP. Not that i wasn't enjoying spending some knitting time with my Mum but i hadn't taken any clean clothes with me as i had thought i was only staying one night which turned into three but felt like eight! So, first garage said, i can do it on Thursday, second said i can do it next week and the third said bring it in today and i'll try and get it done by tomorrow morning!YAY! After i explained that i was 42 miles away from home (not a lot by some people's standards but way too many for my liking) he said he would get it done as soon as he could. What a nice man :o)
The very nice man from the RAC turned up at 11am, right when he said he would. He got in the car, turned it on, confirmed the clutch had had it and proceeded to drive it backwards down the road to hitch it up to his truck, aren't men clever. I can barely drive forwards in a straight line and he whizzed off backwards and parked it and everything! *lol*
Things went even more pearshaped shortly afterwards cos i got a migraine and spent the next few hours either vomitting or sleeping. I haven't had an attack for so long, i had completely forgotten how bad they can be :o( I dragged myself to the chemist though and got some magic pills that knocked me out and stopped me puking. Which is nice because i really really hate being sick. So, come about 2.30pm, i drag myself out of bed and brave sitting in the living room with Mum and my head started to feel a bit better. Then the man rang at around 3.30 to say "I have your car" i immediately thought it had been kidnapped and he was holding it to ransom! (which he may well just have done considering how much it cost to fix it!) but he was just letting me know it was all done and ready to be picked up! What a nice man! And, i have a very nice friend who came and picked me up and took me down there to collect it. She's a diamond and very under appreciated by certain individuals!
So, the car's fixed. I went to the cheapy shop on the way back to Mum's and bought some more yarn to cheer myself up. I love cheap novelty yarn, i am an anti-snob ;o)
I had a very uneventful drive home, which was just as well considering the medication i had had, i probably shouldn't have been driving, but i just had to come home, i needed to be here and i was desperate for a hug! Besides, i missed my boys ;o)

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