Thursday, June 02, 2005

Roger Rocks!

Tonight we spent a rather sedate evening at the theatre.
I'd got the tickets a couple of months ago to take my lovely Bloke as a surprise, but of course he found out about the show being on and a pantomine ensued! It ended up with me shouting "You won't miss out on tickets cos they're downstairs in my bag!" tsk men!
So anyway, we went to see the most talented whistler there ever was, Mr. Roger Whittaker!! It was most excellent. He's obviously getting on a bit now but that didn't stop him whistling his socks off.
A great time was had by all, even Elsie who protested that she didn't even like RW! I kept catching her singing along and clapping though... "it'd be rude not to" apparantly.
Maffew and i were going to wait at the stage door to try and cadge an autograph but a man came out and said he was going to be ages and as Elsie and i were busting for the loo we decided to leave it. Besides Maffew had already got Matt Lucas' autograph after we spotted him coming into the auditorium. See, RW is cooooooooool!

I also rediscovered my love for cider *G*

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