Thursday, May 26, 2005


My Kool-Aid has finally arrived, poxy PayPal and their strange rules!
I'm not sure wether to drink it or dyeyarn with it though, such a dilemma! Apparantly it takes one sachet of mix per ounce of yarn so i definitely won't have enough to dye the recycled jumper all one colour. How exciting is my life? *lol*
Today i decided to make a shrugy-thing to go with an outfit that i bought a couple of weeks ago but can't wear because i am so fat i feel a little uncomfortable baring my flabby arms. Yes, i know exercise is a wonderful thing, so is having a lovely healthy diet, unfortunately i love junk food too much and i am crap at getting my priorities right so i shall carry on whining about being fat while i stuff my face with choccie biscuits and lard :oP
So anyway, out of all the gooooorgeous shrugs out there i just could not find one that i liked enough to try and make so i am making it up as i go along. I want long sleeves with a little falre at the wrist. I want the back to come to just above where my waist would be if i had one. I also want the back to flare out. I don't want a collar effect to be going on up round the neck and i want the front to be a little flarey/swingy too, maybe with long dangly points so that i could maybe tie them together if i wanted. Not a lot to ask is it! Oh, and i want to have it made by Saturday night *lol*
So far i've done from one wrist to the elbow of the same arm. At least i am writing it down as i go so that i can get the other arm the same! Perhaps i should have crocheted it after all, although knitting it on big needles is helping it grow quicker, i think i may have overstretched myself though. *sigh* still i may be able to get some done tomorrow if i can escape doing kitchen or garden work, though i doubt there's uch chance of that with Blurke being off work *lol*

Well, i've bored myself with that post so i'm off to bed for another night of disturbed/ing sleep :o(

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