Sunday, May 15, 2005


I'm all excited! I have decided on a theme for my new garden :-D
Having seen a bag of seashells in B&Q i got to thinking how it'd be nice to have that as the "mulch" for the path and the area surrounding the greenhouse, sooooooooo
I'm going to paint the fence so it looks like a windbreak and make the shed look like a beach hut :-D
Now that i know what i want to do it's very exciting! It'll be just like my own little bit of "home" :-) Tomorrow i shall phone the cocklesheds and find out how much they charge for shells, goodness only knows how much we'll need. I do hope it'll be washed! EWWWWW The smell of manky old cockleshells! *lol*
In other news... the plasterers are nearly finished, they're coming back tomorrow and then they'll be done. They will be doing the outside of the house too, filling in all the bald patches where Blurke has moved windows and doors and just generally pulled bits of render off *lol*

No knitting or crochet today again. This gardening lark is taking it all out of me! I shall be retiring to bed for a nice early night i think. Wool can wait til tomorrahhhhhh!

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