Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Love to Dig!

Well, i must do, i seem to be doing an awful lot of it lately!

The new greenhouse and veggie patch are coming along nicely, unfortunately digging tends to knacker me out too much to do anything remotely woolly!
*Sigh* Never mind, there's always tomorrow...
I just reminded myself of The Littlest Hobo and i mut now go and have a little weep! Poor little dawgie!

I'm three-quarters of the way through unwinding the front of my "recycling jumper". I haven't had any time to sit and do any tonight. I have been too busy trawling eBay for goodies *G* I have found some cheapie spilt rings and head pins 'cos i am going to make myself some groovy stitch markers. I've been seeing them in people's blogs and i feel a bit inspired. Especially after finding some rather groovy purple sparkly beads on my little Neicey Birthday Shopping Trip yesterday *G*
I treated her to some bits and bobs so i thought it only fair that i treat myself too! I bought a gorgeous brown and pink florally tiered skirt, very 70's dining room!
My problem is i don't really need 100 split rings or 100 head pins... but i guess if i enjoy making them i can always sell them on eBay... along with all the other tat i have in our eBay box but haven't got round to listing yet! Bad Bad Franney!

Yesterday was a good day, Neicey liked her presents and we had a nice little trip out, just the two of us. Which was nice. Very calm, no raised voices or harsh words. Just a bit of nagging on my part but she's soooooooooooooooooo slow at getting ready, i have never known somebody to take so long to put their jacket on! Shocking. Things seem better at home, her and Mum are getting along, Mum even cooked her lunch! I was stunned to say the least but thought better of mentioning it, seeing as she's doing some stuff for me i have to keep her sweeeeeeet *G*

Damn Kylie for being so tiny and perfectly formed!

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