Monday, May 16, 2005


The plasterers have left the building!
I now have a room which resembles a rooom and isn't just a bare brick and beams shell! It's very exciting, all we have to do now is to wait some more for the plaster to go off and we can think about painting it and putting a kitchen in there :-)

I spent the morning out in the garden again. Potted up some strawflowers, and had a general tidy up of all the trays of seedlings. I also finally got round to painting the little table i bought in Ikea. It is now a very groovy shade of green, and it's also waterproof, which is always a good thing for a garden table! Unfortunately it started to rain, so i had to come indoors, fortunately this means tht i havea chance to finish frogging my recycled jumper project! YIPPEE! Just one piece left to go, i think it's the front and then i can think about skeinging it. It's come apart beautifully. All three pieces so far have had no breaks, i was so very careful when i was unpicking the seams and it would appear to have been worth it :o)
Oh well, back to it. My Kool-Aid should be arriving any day now and i want to have the yarn ready and waiting for some groovy decoration. I have absolutely no idea what i will do with this yarn once it is dyed. Probably pack it away in my yarn boxes for all eternity. Or until September when i go to Blandford and buy another tonne of vintage yarns. I must, must, must get some crocheting done and try and sell some shawls!

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