Wednesday, May 18, 2005

here kitty, kitty! =^..^=

I found a great place for inspiration, the crafters forum. OK, it's American but i can forgive them for that cos i've made something fabby!
It's a little crochet kitty mobile phone holder *GG*
I need to pop out and find some buttons for his eyes though so at the moment he's bliiiiiiiiiind. Poor Kitty!
I am also making a cloche style hat, but struggling a little as i have a small head and halfway through i have discovered it's too big o have to frog it. I'm luvvin' the frogging/remaking/frogging thing. NOT!
Still it makes up quick so it won't be long til i've remade it. I think i am also going to try and do something about the seam that runs down the back, maybe try turning each row, see if that will help.
I've orderd a couple of lovely books from Amazon, ScarfStyle and Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Both of which have been in my Wish List for some time now and i figured that nobody else would buy them for me *lol*
I may even join the Scarf Style Knit-a-long, that looks like a lot of fun and it'll benice to get some knitting or crochet feedback. I would also like to join my local Stitch n Bitch, but just turning up on my own is reeeeeeeeeally daunting! Unfortunately the only other knitter i know round these parts is my Mother-in-Law and i doubt it's her bag baby! One day i will be brave and go along. It'd be nice to make some new friends *sigh*

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