Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shake your bootee!

Just the one *lol*
I wanted to try out a pattern from my new book so i thought i'd start with a bootee, seeing as i have never made one before. I need practice! *lol*
The actual foot bit is alright but where the instep piece joins the main body for the ribbing i have some rather large holes :o(
Still, they do say practice makes perfect. I'll just keep frogging and knitting til i get it right. Luckily i had just enough of the yellowy flecked yarn left over from my cloche hat for a biddy bootee :o)
I will get some smaller dowelling i think and make some shorter DPNs and save my boobies a poking!
Hopefully by the next time i see P i'll have got it down pat and no more holes will be visible :o)

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