Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New project!

Today i bought some dowelling with the intention of making my own knitting needles.
I have 5mm and 6.5 mm and some that is bigger than 10mm but i'm not sure how much bigger yet as my needle gauge doesn't go any bigger than that!
I want to use them to make up the recycled cotton yarn once it's skeined and dyed.
If it ever gets skeined and dyed! There's something weird about my PayPal account that means that it takes 10 days for a payment to go through, compared with the Bloke's whose payments are instantaneous *grrr* SO, although i piad for the Kool-Aid on the 15th, it means that i probably won't get it til the weekend. Still, i t gives em a chance to try and get a cheap wool-winder in the meantime so i can have nice tidy balls to knit with.
I want to make a little jumper or something out of it for my friend's new baby and as i have just got two lovely new knitting pattern books i thought i would use the pattern out of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I'll have to go back and check what size needles i need. I am sure i will have enough yarn as it was originally a ladies jumper but i will yard it up and check first.
I am also waiting for payment to clear *tsk @ PayPal* on the jewellery findings that i bought to make my stitchmarkers out of. Goodness knows what they will come out like, but then i can always eBay them if i don't like them!
The other book i bought is Scarf Style, i am going to pick out a project and join the knit-a-long and hope that i don't lose enthusiasm as i usually do! But there are so many lovely projects in there that i doubt that will happen :o)

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