Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Monday

Feels good to me!

Got a nice early night night last night and was asleep by half nine *ahhhhhhhhhh*
I love going to Elsie's for the weekend, it's just the trouble i have sleeping there and the day of recovery that comes after. Before you say it, that's not just because of the hangover!

Spent the day in the garden, i have now paited the greenhouse baseframe a lovely shade of blue and partly put the greenhouse framework up. I really should get out and fix the roof frame up as it's so windy the front is going to end up battered and bent from blowing around freely. I'll do it when the Bloke comes home, i think it'll take two pairs of hands!

In other news: My "Clare de Lune" clematis is in flower!
*Does a happy dance*
It is so gorgeous, i have taken a piccie but i need to transfer it from the phone to the pooter, i'll steal the IR thingummy later and do it :o)

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