Sunday, May 22, 2005

Another weekend of drunken debauchery

Isn't it FUN!
Dropped the dog into Mum's on Saturday morning and gave her the Kitty phone cozy as a little thankyou giftie. Unfortunately i forgot to take a photo of it finished with little button eyes and whiskers but it did look cute!
Headed back to Elsie's to meet up witheveryone and then trotted round the "Nelly" for a few drinkies. We had intended on going to the Spread but due to there being a footy match on the police had shut the pub! I decided to stay in the pub and not go on a little shopping wander like i usually do, and obviously regret it. I hate football. I hate what it does to people. It's the whole pack mentality, i think. I have always shied away from being "one of the crowd" (i like to think so anyway) but show me a football match and that's it, i'm off shouting and hollering with the rest of them. vile.
Still, Southend won their match so it's not all bad. And it was on the telly. Maffew.
We ended up staying in the pub til closing then rolled back round to Elsie's for more drinkies and a bit of a nibble on her scotch eggs and sausage rolls. I believe there was a bit of pancaking going on int he kitchen too.
I was ever so good and drank plenty of water so i wouldn't have the usual raging hangover today but it didn't bloomin work! It's no fun being driven to Brightlingsea to pick up a kitchen when you feel youre going to hurl at any moment :o(
Still, the kitchen actually fitted in the van so it's not all bad, and i felt lots better on the way home :o)

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