Friday, February 15, 2008


At time of writing all four boys are in the small cage together - in a hammock! ASLEEP!!

YAY! *does a happy dance*

I've got to take the dog to the kennels so i am keeping my fingers crossed that they're still all in one piece when i get back but there haven't been any major dramas so far, and i have some extremely cute pictures to share when i get home :oD

I got them all out this morning for their free-range together and they all snuggled into the box more or less straight away so i figured it was the territory thing that was the problem. I took the small cage apart and cleaned it thoroughly and took out the shelf and hammock and just put in one new hammock and covered the floor with newspaper, carefresh and some strips of newspaper for Freddie if he needs it - he likes making nests, bless him. I also put the litter tray in so that the big boys can teach the babies what it's for :oD
Once it was all clean and put back together i put Brian in as he's the calmest of the four, he had a run round and a sniff and then i put Freddie in with him. He also had a run round and a sniff then it was straight into the hammcok for a snooze! Brian and Freddie were fine together so in went William - there was a little tension on William's part but before long he was in the hammock with Freddie while Brian continued to ping round the cage. Then it was Squiggle's turn to go in, i was most worried about him as he is the Alpha and William really doesn't get on with him. There's been some squeaking and mouth opening but nothing serious and they've all been sleeping in the hammock together!
I'm not sure how i am going to cope over the weekend, i might have to ask a friend to pop in and make sure they are all alive on Sunday morning but as long as it continues to go well today i am going to leave them in the small cage for a few days to give them a chance to get to know each other properly and to sort the heirarchy out :o)

At the moment i am feeling very happy, i think Squiggle is too as he was bruxing and boggling in the hammock earlier much to my amusement :oD

Right, time to take Lukey to the kennels for his weekend of partying and then it's off to the supermarket for supplies for tonight's PAAAAAAARTAAAAAAAAY! :oD

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