Thursday, February 14, 2008

And today's free-ranging

went incredibly well. Several hours were spent snuggled up in their box on the sofa. They all came out together for food and drinks and even Squiggle seemed to accept the presence of babies. Unfortunately when they all went in the cage together it went pear-shaped again :o(
Lots of squeaking, shrieking and running away. I left them for a couple of hours but there was no let up so at the moment they are both inside my cardigan snoozing. I don't mind though cos it means i get some bonding time with them and they'll be going back in the cage again later, even if only for an hour or so. I've been looking on the fancy rats forum for assistance and have a couple of things to try but whatever happens i don't think they'll be spending this weekend in the same cage as we are going away and i will be worrying the whooooooole time about them!

<3 )~~~


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