Thursday, January 24, 2008

been a busy bee!

I was up and out early this morning for a trip to Lidl because they were advertising a beech effect cabinet for £19.99 which would be perrrrrrrrfect for the rat cage to stand on. Since i moved the rats from the corner last August they've been standing on my little fold up table and it's getting gradually more and more rickety! We were toying with the idea of getting a kitchen cabinet but the sizing isn't right and Roj is too busy with work to fiddle around cutting one down to the right size and so it's been put off and put off... but i made an executive decision and went to Lidl :oD
It took a little under an hour to build (bearing in mind i am a girl and a bit cack handed!) and i am soooooooo pleased with the result - i am very tempted to get a second cabinet for the other side of the door so that i can put my sewing paraphernalia in it ;o)
Before - rickety little table and clutter on the floor -
rat cage before

After - shiny cabinet with clutter hidden away :oD
rat cage after

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