Saturday, October 20, 2007

A wee visitor

So i'm sitting at the sewing machine in the kitchen and i heard a crash from upstairs. I know it's not Rojjie cos he's outside, it's not the dawg cos he's next to me and it sure isn't the rats cos they don't even know where the stairs are! I got up to go upstairs thinking that something had just slid off the bathroom windowsill or something and a sparrow flew upstairs from the living room!! I seriously thought i was imagining things so i went and grabbed Rojjie and he came in to verify it was in fact a sparrow. Which it wasn't, it was a bluetit!! After some discussion, i went upstairs to close the doors and to try and shoo it downstairs which was managed successfully. Roj shut the kitchen door and i told him to open the front door while i stayed guard on the stairs and Roj should try and shoo it out of the front room. Well, if ducking and shouting "AH!" everytime it moves is how one shoos a teenytiny bluetit then he did a sterling job *LOL*
We switched positions and the front door was opened wide and once Mr.Bluetit spied the sunshine he flew straight out. Bless.
We have no idea how it got in, it was really surreal and i'm glad Roj was here to confirm it wasn't a figment of my imagination!

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