Monday, April 16, 2007


BUT! Deidre won best Type 1 *YAY* Cue lots of loud clapping and a few "YAY"s *lol* and much back slapping, hugging and spilling of beer!
Other winners were:
Best ratlook was a back to metal but very shiney split
Best type 2 was the lime green bay on spinners
Best in show was the lemon lowered split that was followed down the M11 and parked opposite but got no photos of *lol*
Best club went to Splitterz
People's Choice was a blue buggy
And then it gets a bit vague cos i wasn't playing proper attention!
A yellow corrado won something, as did a burgundy Karmann Kab and a blue new beetle, and that is possibly it ;o)
More wandering ensued, then it was back to the vehicles to decide on the plan of action for the night. My idea to move closer to the toilets was met with enthusiastic agreement from Amanda so we headed over and set up the BBQ with lots of mentions of setting up their tent and not much action!

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