Monday, April 16, 2007


Well! What a beautiful weekend it's been!
There were a few minor hitches on Saturday morning, Andy being over an hour late for our rendevous at Lakeside services being one of them and Roj forgetting the postcode of our destination being another :o(
Andy had Punto trouble, then he had traffic trouble but he eventually made it, and i used my phone to go online for the postcode so we set off for the show at Mountfitchet Maths and computing college. It was a nice drive up there, the roads were free flowing and the sun was shiiiining! It started to go wrong again though when we got to Mountfitchet. We'd been advised to take a different route to avoid some temporary traffic lights and a diversion... unfortunately the traffic people had obviously anticipated that people would attempt this and had closed that road too! Back on the main road, we made it through the lights, followed the diversion and found the college, to be waved on by an air-cadet. Now, i would have thought that if we were meant to be going IN A GATE that they would have indicated in the general direction of the gate and not waved as if to carry on down the road... unfortunately NOT! So another three point turn was executed and we headed back up to the entrance and paid our fees. "where do we park for camping?" we asked, "no idea" was the reply, "ask at a show stand, they might know" hmmmmmmmmm! So we parked up in the general parking bit with the idea of moving to camp when the show was finished :o)
We're smart, we are :o)
The show itself is small, only a handful of trade stands and a couple of people selling their "swapmeet" type stuff but despite that it was a fab day. There was quite a large club presence, and lots of lovely dubs to ogle which is always a good thing at a VW show :oD
After a wander round and some shopping by the boys we headed back to the bus for our picnic and a nice glass of Pimms :oD
While we were eating, a man came over to have a look at Andy's bug, Deidre, and he was very impressed. "Is that an original locking gearshift?" to which the answer was "yes" and he almost jumped up and down *lol* It turns out he was judging the cars for the awards to be given out later in the day and Deidre was a strong contender!!
After a bit of crochet while the others wandered off to chat to various people i wandered over to join them and luckily enough it coincided with a trip to the bar and the drawing of the raffle - guess how much we won between the four of us? Absolutely bugger all! Just our blummin luck! *lol*

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