Monday, June 12, 2006

a-ranting we shall go!

I have a real bug at the moment and it involves eBay sellers.
In my opinion a seller should leave feedback for you when your part of the transaction is completed i.e. when you have made payment and they have received it. There is an ever-growing trend however, for sellers to remark "I will leave you feedback when you have done the same for me".
I think this is wrong. As a buyer i want my feedback rated on how i am as a buyer, not how i am as a "feedback leaver" which is what this is doing. If sellers are waiting to see if they get negative feedback so they can respond with the same they should ensure that every transaction goes as perfectly as possible, therefore ensuring they receive only positive feedback.
There is an option in the "feedback forum" on eBay to respond to comments left by others, they should use that feature to explain why the negative/neutral feedback is unjustified and not retaliate by leaving a neutral/negative feedback for the buyer. Unless of course the buyer deserves it, in which case the same scenario applies, respond to the feedback left with an explanation or reasons why you were a poor buyer.
See, i will still buy from a person who doesn't have a 100% rating, i always check why negative feedback has been given and i am capable of making up my own mind about buying from such people. And who really cares that four months ago you got a negative feedback from one of the two thousand or so otherwise happy customers?
*Steps down from soapbox*
Anyone else have a gripe they would like to air?

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Catherine Kerth said...

AMEN! i think you should get feedback when you pay promptly.... not after you leave yours as a buyer... i have often recieved that messege from sellers, they say that it is to make sure that you leave feedback so they can get good ratings... but i am on to them ;)