Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Sunday

feels good to me
Bloke went to France for the day with "the boys" so i was left home alone. No change there then but it always feels different when it's a weekend. He was out yesterday too, i've hardly seen him. I wonder if he's avoiding me? hmmmm...
So, anyway. What did i do with my Sunday? Why, i made a sock knitting bag and a dpn case/holder thingy and a couple of small pouches to go along with the bag
The sock knitting bag is too big around and not quite tall enough and i sewed the dpn case together wrong but other than that they are poifect *giggling* my Hedera looks lovely nestled in there with her soon-to-be-twin. I started her this evening after Bloke got back, so far i have six rows of twisted rib and it looks divine dahling!
I guess if i practise enough i will get the hang of the sewing thing, and i did to it all from scratch with no patterns or anything, just inspiration from various internet sites and things. Does that sound like i am making excuses? Why do i feel the need to apologise for my inadequacies? I generally muddle along with stuff, there's nothing i am great at - well apart from that but my Mum might read this - but i'm an ok knitter/sewer/crocheter etc. it's just in my nature to apologise. So, i am sorry that i made myself a sock knitting bag and it's not quite right, but i made it and i am happy with it and the next one will be better
Bloke brought me home some chocolate and Pimm's from his little excursion, he's so good to me

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