Monday, October 12, 2009

A lovely day out

to Camber Sands

The sea was quite rough with some lovely white waves crashing in, it was my first visit there and i shall definitely be going again.
Luke and i had a lovely ramble through the dunes, well, i say through! It was more of an up and down movement and quite knackering but we had lots of fun and got soaked through as the long grass was quite wet round my legs and the rain was attacking me from the other end ::lol::
The day ended with a bit of a disaster unfortunately when Rob's van wouldn't work so after a bit of push-starting he got going and then decided that as he had no dynamo working to charge his battery we ought to stop somewhere so he could call the recovery. What a total pantomime that was! Three hours after pulling into the pub the recovery truck drove away without him on it! His van being lowered there was no way it could be hoisted onto the truck without doing significant damage :o(
He was then told that a suitable truck would be with him within 2-3 hours, as the pub was closing by now we decided to cram as many people into the Bug as possible and head home. There were five of us and the dog in the Bug and we left the other three in the van to wait it out!

Certainly an eventful day!
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