Friday, July 17, 2009


The summer blisters have started :o(
I had to pick small nephew up from school yesterday and as it is only 3 streets away i thought i'd walk. I can't see the point in driving to be honest, he's 8 now and big enough to walk for ten minutes but it would seem that i'm not!
I wore my crocs which have been so good at preventin blisters for the last couple of years but by the time i got to the school i could feel my soles burning and by the time i'd got him home and then got myself home i could feel the blisters spreading. I hobbled off to Knit Club though and by the time i came home it was agony! They aren't your usual run-of-the-mill blisters, they are deep ones, the kind that are impossible to pop because there is just too much skin to get through and they are all the way across the balls of my feet. I'm feeling kind of glad that we haven't gone to Bug Jam this weekend cos that would have involved a LOT of walking and i really can't see me doing much of that for a while!! I'm hoping that things aren't too far apart at VW Bus Stop, as long as we are camped fairly close to the toilets i don't mind!!

We had a wicked storm here last night, i laid in the bath with the light out and watched the sky lighting up with that clear blue glow that only comes from lightning. Beautiful!

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