Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was talking with someone the other day about Rosemary beetles and Lavender beetles and when i found one i thought i would make the most of the opportunity to:
a) show you what a Rosemary/Lavender beetle looks like
b) have some beetlephobia therapy

They are so pretty, i don't think these photos capture the richness of the colour in its shell.
It is striped along the length of its body with coppery red and turquoise blue and the occasional hint of gleaming gold.

I don't think i did too bad for someone who would have run screaming a few years ago,
although i have yet to let one crawl on my hand!

I think i might be quite lucky, although i have beetles they haven't devoured my Rosemary or my Lavender yet. I remove the "cuckoo spit" that has the larvae in but i can't bring myself to kill the adults and as long as they live alongside my garden i shall continue to do just that ;o)

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