Monday, April 06, 2009

More T4!!

Work is coming along really well on the van.

The lino was laid last Saturday...

and all this week i have been staing and varnishing the backrests and the bare wood parts of the interior...

On Saturday i helped out with table making in the morning but as i had worked so hard during the week i was given a free pass and so i headed off to my knitting group, when i came home Roj had made the hole for the table leg and also got it all assembled!
The drawer (at the front of the picture) was made yesterday, it was a lot of work as it had to be measured precisely and the actual drawer has been custom built by Roj too.

So far, so good!
We hope to have made the interior as versatle as possible, with plenty of seating for visitors but also a cosy snuggle space if we are camped on our own :oD

This week the foam and fabric are arriving and next week i start sewing!
We ended up getting the fabric on Ebay, i have spent several days visiting local (and some not so local) markets and fabric shops but nothing suitable has presented itself - we have taken a gamble on the colour and hopefully it'll be perfect when it arrives!

A few things have altered along the way, we were going to attach the backrests with magnetic catches but they aren't strong enough so we are now using roller catches and another thing which we are now talking about is whether the drawer section on the other unit should be one big drawer like we've just done, or two smaller drawers - we'll find out what the decision is next weekend as that is Saturday's job ;o)
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