Monday, March 10, 2008


What a fab weekend we've just had!

I had my Saturday all planned out... bacon butty for breakfast, clean the rat cage out, have a coffee and a biscuit then put my feet up with my knitting. Luvverly!
Then i had a text from Becky asking what we had planned as they were at a loose end and then all hell broke out! ::lol:: I rushed around doing emergency housework, washing up, putting the washing on and clearing all the crap off the kitchen table and was not long finished when people started arriving. Now, we only have a small house, we have a three seater sofa in the living room and an Ikea chair(not quite that one, ours doesn't have arms) and we were expecting another eight people to come round! It's always fun entertaining isn't it :o) Luckily we have a camping sofa, one of those foldable thingies, like a chair but bigger ;o)
Fortunately only five people made it round so it wasn't too tight a squeeze! We watched the rugby first and then decided that we wouldn't have time to watch all SIX Rocky films so we all agreed on Monty Python and watched "The Meaning of Life", "The Holy Grail", "and now for something completely different" and "Life of Brian"
I'd forgotten how completely random Python humor is and "and now for something etcetc" is just SO funny, there just isn't anything like them now and that's a shame i think.
God knows how we are going to pull an all-nighter on the 4th, we barely stayed awake til midnight, it was pathetic ::lol::
On the 4th we are having a Highlander film night, i managed to pick up three of the films on VHS and recorded the 4th film on the tv and i'm so excited! I have completely forgotten the story beyond the first film so it'll be good to watch them all at once and see if we can work out what the hell is going on! ::lol::

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