Sunday, February 10, 2008

So i braved the inevitable fights and scuffles and after the boys had spent some time together free ranging i put them all back int he Fatboys cage... it seemed to be going quite well, there were a few squeaks from the babies and some hissing from the big boys but nothing too serious.
It was only when i was pssing the cage on my way out that i noticed William has a huge gash down his cheek :o(

I don't know when it happened, i was there the whole time but i'm guessing that Squiggle (or Freddie) made a lunge for him and caught his face :o(
I think it was Squiggle because Freddie actually isn't being that bad, the result of not enough hormones i expect!

So, the babies are in the big cage, the Fatboys are in the little cage and we'll try again tomorrow!
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