Saturday, February 23, 2008

Plenty of room

For everyone to ignore each other! :oD

I reckon there's room for a couple more in there too :oD

I went to P@H yesterday as we needed rat food and i just happened to be passing the adoption section when i noticed a group of ratties all curled up together in their log house... fortunately for me they were a group of girls so they stayed where they are ;o)
I also happened to be just passing their regular rat cages and they had a rather handsome looking fellow in there who was a dusky grey colour. I prised myself away quick smart and have vowed to never look in the rat cages again - i can't have a rat stash like i can my wool ;o)

I also took a trip to Sainsbury's for some rat friendly cereals for their dry food mix. I follow the feeding plan of Alison from the Shunamite Rattery and they have a mixture of rat pellets, rabbit food, dry pasta and breakfast cereals. I managed to pick up four different cereals so their mix is nice and full of variety again now. Luckily they are all cereals i like too and i have been making the most of having a box of cornflakes in the house ;o)
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